the perfect boy and date

where will you be when you grow up. find out know buy taking this quiz now you can know where you will be and how happy you are with that perfect person.

Do you think you are going to be famous, in love or adventuring the world with that special person. do you wonder who you will be with in the end. happy or not.

Created by: kelly

  1. where do you want your perfect date to be?
  2. what color eyes?
  3. what do you think is most important in a relationship.
  4. what do you like in a guy?
  5. how many kids do you want?
  6. if the guy had something wrong or did not look good what would you say?
  7. which name do you think is not cool
  8. wich name is awesome
  9. who would you date
  10. what do you like in a boy?

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