Are you a good singer

Are you a good singer? Take this quiz to find out! You could be amazing! Or you could sound like a dying moose. If you want to know take this awesome singing quiz. Remember, if you're ever down, sing, sing, sing!

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Created by: tomboy9876
  1. Whats's the highest note you've hit (for girls)?
  2. "What's the lowest note you can hit(for girls)?"
  3. How often do you sing sharps or flats?
  4. What do people do when you sing?
  5. How often do you sing a day?
  6. You ask a friend what she thinks after you sung her a song. What does she say?
  7. How long have you sung?
  8. Do you smoke?
  9. Do you sing in a choir or practice by yourself?
  10. How well do you think you sing?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good singer