which singer are you most like

have you ever wondered what singer you are like?nows your chance to find out.are you Lady Gaga,Miley Cyrus,Ke$ha,or Taylor Swift.Enjoy my first quiz i made in my whole life.!

Which singer are you?after answering a couple questions you will soon find out which singer you are!please enjoy this awesome,fun,uniqe,terrific,cool,quiz.

Created by: Hannah

  1. whats your typical saturday night?
  2. whats your fav music
  3. whats your every day outfit
  4. has anyone ever told u that ure odd
  5. do you like i mean love animals
  6. what do u draw in frreetime
  7. tell the truth...do guys think you are hot or cute.
  8. are you in a relationship or wasin one
  9. why did u take this quiz
  10. why did u take this quiz

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Quiz topic: Which singer am I most like