Are you a good Ronembist?

A Ronembist is a human who owns or uses a Ronembent.Ronembents are an entity of great race that's capable to merge with a human to gain their power and defeat the component's enemy.Many Ronembents are used as slaves and treated harshly in a world called Eldamore.See how strict enough you are to your Slave/s to see if your tough enough to order around one of your own!

Are you a harsh or strict master? Take the quize to find out how harsh you can really be to a innocent Ronembent or slave. You may be satisfied with being a kind owner or you maybe thrilled to recieve proof of your strict ownance. I'd hate to be your slave if your that scrict o.o... SO GO FOR IT!!

Created by: Milshy
  1. If your Ronembent is under unnecessary actions or behavior you what do you do?
  2. If your slave Ronembent is lacking in their feild you..
  3. If you find one of your Ronembents trying to escape you...
  4. If your Ronembent doesn't bond(merge) with you, you...
  5. When your Ronembent turns into a traitor you..
  6. Your slave is a suck up and tries to work hard especting to get a reward from you...
  7. If you had a Ronembent, what would you make them do for you?
  8. You go out to a crafts place where you can pay someone to make collars for your slave/s, are you up for it? (hint: It's a law for your slave to have a collar saying it's owned by you)
  9. Your Slaves need to go to the bathroom so you decide to walk them.You..
  10. Your Ronembent is crying because of you, what do you do?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good Ronembist?