are you a good girlfriend/boyfriend? :D

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do this quiz nooow if you want quick answers to your question 'are you a good girlfriend' enter noooww and be the first to see if you really are gods gift to your boyfriend :D

â™” heres a rose ;) the title says it all1 take this quiz to find out if you are a perfect, good, okay, or down right BAD bf/gf. ;) so goodluckkkkkkkk.

Created by: jajuana

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  1. when your hanging with you bf/gf and your friends as around what do you do?
  2. if your bf/gf cancelled your plans at the last minute would you...
  3. how often do you and your bf/gf hang out?
  4. how often do you say i love you to eachother?
  5. how often do you and your bf/gf kiss?
  6. if your bf/gf wants to have a night out with the boys or girls you..?
  7. do you listen to your bf/gf's feelings?
  8. do you ignore your bf/gf's calls when you dont feel like talking?
  9. do you get jealous when you see your bf/gf talking to the opposite sex?
  10. do you remember your first date?
  11. have you kept a steady relationship before?
  12. have you or your bf/gf ever denied dating?
  13. how many times do you call/text eachother a week?
  14. LAST QUESTION. are you shy around your bf/ gf when you hang out?
  15. i lied. sorry. LAST QUESTION. when your making out where could i find your hands? ;)

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Quiz topic: Am I a good girlfriend/boyfriend? :D