Are you a good bearded dragon owner

Bearded dragons have lost hope everywhere there are tons of bad owners however you could prove them wrong by completing this bearded dragons willl see you're results in their mini secret laptops

If you really are a genius nobody will know unless you take this quiz bearded dragons will be watching it all what answers and your score if you get a good one you will be a good owner

Created by: Dorito

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  1. What is a good staple insect?
  2. How big can they get in inches (including tail)
  3. Are they omnivores, carnivore, or herbivores
  4. can they eat iceberg lettuce?
  5. How can you tell if a bug is too big for them?
  6. Are baby bearded dragons easier to take care of?
  7. Which is the best staple vegetable?
  8. can males grow bigger than female?
  9. do they shed more when they are older?
  10. Why do they bob there heads?
  11. what is the smallest reccomended vivarium for a full grown bearded dragon? (gallons)

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Quiz topic: Am I a good bearded dragon owner