Is a bearded dragon the right pet for YOU?

Are you becoming a first time lizard keeper and are thiking about bearded dragons? Look no further than this quiz. After doing lots of research come to this quiz, then your score will determen if beardies are right for you and if you put time and effort in. this is not a subsatut for research and more questions and reasearch should be done instead of the questions listed here and if you get a high grade then ill tell you ALL of my pets!

The questions will get you thinking about the requierments for these animals and also some facts about them it will go over food temp some facts about enclosure size and some things you should and shouldent feed them. in a few minutes you will see if youve done your research and if you can meet up to there requierments. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK AND ROLL?!?!?!

Created by: KrimanalTaDragon
  1. What is the MIN. tank space for an adult bearded dragon?
  2. Should bearded dragons eat both veggies and insects, just veggies, or just insects?
  3. What should the basking Temp of the tank be?
  4. What should be the low temp of there tank?
  5. What should be in your lizards tank and what kind of lighting should it have?
  6. What kind of veggies should i feed my bearded dragon?
  7. What kind of insects should i feed my bearded dragon?
  8. How big can bearded dragon (the commen variaty pogana vicepps)grow to be?
  9. What should be done and remembered before feeding the lizard HORN WORMS!
  10. Which is bigger, male or female and which grows faster?
  11. When is the bearded dragon an adult?

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