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  • I got 86%

    It is pretty hard to tell when someone is a good artist though if you havent seen someones art XD

    Honestly sometimes I dont even like drawing because its so frustrating. Really what I like is just finishing it and seeing something I drew that I am really proud of. (It kinda sucks when Im drawing something but it looks bad so I did it 4 nothing)

    No one really irl says Im good at drawing so its kind of sad.. my parents and other family membes say Im really good though, and also the comments in my art account on Instagram, so its really nice to hear that. But you can tell they arent faking cause they arent going Awkwardly oh it looks good I can tell before I show them the drawing they are going to say that and then they say oh wow thats amazing lol it just makes me rly happy... last thing I drew I was very proud of it also when the style thing came up it said lifelike/anime/chibi all that and other, I feel like there couldve also been a style called your own style lol bcuz my style is based off of realism, anime and a bunch of other stuff like cartoons and stuff other peoples styles all that so yeah

  • :0 I got 95 on the quiz and I am just SHOCKED but not to shocked because I always get complimented but I’m not a very vain person . Ihow I got inspired was actually from a toy.*trys not to laugh* so yeah . If you say your not a good drawer then go on YouTube and watch ish or watch the dot. I promise you this will help.😁

    Candy mega fun
  • I was 91%, and it makes sense because art is my life, I draw nonstop and also get nonstop complements that I turn down because I'm a modest artist and critisize myself a lot.

  • I got 98% and I am happy about that I would say it’s accurate but I also have a passion for designing so it makes sense for what I got.

  • Got a 72%! I feel kinda disappointed but happy at the same time. I guess I should practice more ¯\_()_/¯. Great quiz!

  • 76 percent artist is what I got :0

  • I got 100%


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