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  • This quiz was clearly prepared by someone with no experience of what is commonly called genius. When last I was tested some 30 years ago, my IQ was 178 and my GRE 35 years ago put me in 0.5 percentile of the population. I am not so physically strong as I was following strokes and a coma, but until age 60, I intimidated friends with casual and unwitting displays of strength, just as my brothers do. I am fully trilingual in speech, read Latin and Greek in addition to another six European languages and have been told even by professors of literature that I have an unusual command of several literatures, and literature is not really my field. The headmaster of my prep told me years after I left that I was terrifying to have in class because of my off-handed corrections of teacher errors. Despite too many years of education, I am not an academic. They are simply too slow and hidebound in their thinking. And despite prompting by the quiz, I do not suffer from megalomania. I have simply been blessed (or possibly cursed) by genetic advantages and a nurturing environment, unlike "some mute, inglorious Milton." You may be able to see the point by this time: The best rating I came up with on this fatuous quiz was "smartie"? I think not. By the way, you have a persistent error on this site. You seem unable to spell the word "your" correctly. Yeah, I know. That's a tough one. I would rate this quiz 1.2 out of 10.

  • Silvercat, allow me to aide you in your attempt to sound intelligent. "Truly though, my own fault for doing it; the lack of effort, sense and a puerile stereotype of genius was clearly evident by the first question." Truly, it is my own fault for taking this quiz; the lack of effort and common sense paired with a puerile stereotype of genius was clearly evidenced by the first question.

  • If cameron is a genius, he/she must be going by Wechsler. Stanford-Binet has genius at 164 or higher. 140 is superior intelligence, not genius. Wechsler has 140 as very superior, but doesn't mention genius anywhere.

    And yes I like to read, but that has nothing to do with intelligence. You could read all day and have an IQ of 70.

    But this quiz is really stupid. I am definitely smarter than a wrestler. If I said no I wasn't strong, I'd bet anything I'd still get the wrestler. Heck, I'm probably smarter than the quiz maker.

  • What a ridiculous quiz.

    "Smartie?" No-one with half a brain would be willing to be called that on a regular basis.

    Truly though, my own fault for doing it; the lack of effort, sense and a puerile stereotype of genius was clearly evident by the first question.

  • People can be strong AND smart, so the strength thing doesn't really have anything to do with this quiz, any more than your favorite color, whether or not you have a nickname, what letter your name starts with, and what you're wearing do.

    Evil Lord Inthiyr
  • These thing do not measure 'genius-ness'. I am a wrestler and I have an iq of 125. I got the result smartie, but onlty b/c I am not 'strong'. The quiz enforces negitive stereotypes about geniuses and wrestlers. They are not opposites. I may not be a genius, but I am smart enough to know this is a bulls--- test

  • Well I get good grades, and I am on the wrestling team at school.

    Reading and playing sports have nothing to do with intelligence

    I play sports and still get atleast A-'s

  • Just because I can knock out a troll with my bare fists, doesn'nt mean I can't recount every detail of caractacus's uniform and calculate 27-dimensional fluid dynamics in Babylonic cuneiform.

    Tomi P
  • lol everyone assumes if you like books/writing you're quiet and/or reserved. i'm an extrovert and i talk way too much. and i'm obsessed with reading/writing. *sigh*

  • This quiz was poorly made. I am strong and smart. Whoever made this clearly has no concept of what a genius is.

    Master NS
  • I don't think it really makes sense to have a quiz to find out how smart you are instead of a test...

  • A+ is not my average my average is probably like a B+ lol

  • I think whoever made up this quiz was feeling a little too weak to do his/her homework for this test, meself... I'm a certified genyus with a captial J!

  • I am a smartie but as of now I don't get good grades. I'm flunking with one of my subjects.I've been honest...It's kinda hopeless.

  • This quiz seriously doesn't tell me much. So i made my own it's purely based on fun. How smart are you?(

  • i am a genius 11yrs old and correct my teacher 7-9 times a day on average have an IQ of 140 and still more gangsta than any of u geeks will ever be hahahaha

  • I don't think having a 3959 out of 4 average is smart.

  • YES! I am a genius! (Actually, I'm smarter than my teacher)<-----That's not a joke.

  • Smartie
    -I'm not surprised!

  • This quiz sucks.

  • What a poor strutcted quiz to determine whether a person is a genius or not.

  • Sorry I meant 3.959 See in an nit smart.

  • said I was a wrestler, but i'm SMART too!! Actually, i'd rather be smart, and strong, and I AM!

    (BTW i am Zuko_Azula_DarkDrag on and Zuko/Azula_DarkDrag on, but it keeps making me change it! (my name))

  • I got Smartie. That is true, but I really am not a nerd! My average grade is A+ or A not trying to brag!!

    Beatle Obsessed
  • What does how strong I am have to do with how smart I am???? I got Smartie, which is fairly true.


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