Are You a Geek or Popular?

There are many popular girls and boys. Some cause way too much drama, but others cause little drama. Popular girls and boys don't care for others and only care for themselves, but geeks care about others and are very friendly. Not everyone is perfect and I'm not perfect either. Thanks for stopping by :)

Are you a geek or a popular person? I know for sure I am both. I don't cause drama, but I'm a little bit spoiled, but mostly geek. I have friends, I'm really nice, and I care for others.

Created by: Julie and Katie

  1. Are you mean or nice?
  2. Do people judge you by the way you look or your personality?
  3. Do you get bullied?
  4. Do you sit by yourself at lunch at school?
  5. Do you like studying a lot?
  6. Do you wear glasses, and wear weird clothes?
  7. Do you play sports?
  8. Do you like twerking, hitting the quan, or the whip?
  9. ...
  10. Bye, I know I was silly, but forgive me:D

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Quiz topic: Am I a Geek or Popular?