Are you a Fox or Wolf?

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This quiz will tell you if your personality resemble a fox or a wolf. May not be accurate ( first quiz ) Answer this quiz honestly please for better accuracy!

In this quiz you with answer 12 questions regarding traits of yourself, revealing whether your a Fox or Wolf personality. .. hope you enjoy and remember to answer all the questions honestly :)

Created by: Aura_Bee

  1. Would you consider yourself a social person?
  2. Which of these below would you rather do on a 3 day weekend?
  3. What food categorie would you say you eat more of?
  4. Any hobbies you do on a daily?
  5. Which of the following places do you feel drawn to the most?
  6. Favorite time of year?
  7. Favorite time of day?
  8. How about your favorite holiday?
  9. You are in a dim room with 4 doors in front of you... which shall you choose?
  10. You entered the door of your choosing, what was on the other side of the door dissappears... now you are in another dimed room and placed in front of you is a table with 8 different objects... which object will you choose?
  11. Once you picked a object from the table, you were traveled to a casual elevator.... which floor do you choose to go to?
  12. As you stepped out of the elevator, you woke up from what must have been a dream.. how did this dream make you feel?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Fox or Wolf?