Are you a feminist?

Have you ever wondered if you had canc- I mean if you are a feminist or not? Well this is the quiz to take! There are 10 questions you need to answer.

You are not allowed to look up the answers. However, if you don't know what 'mansplaining' is or 'manspreading is you can look it up to see what it means. Good luck!

Created by: Brandon
  1. Is the wage gap for real?
  2. are there any rights that women dont have that men do?
  3. If you are born as a certain gender, can you change it?
  4. What do you think about 'mansplaining?'
  5. What do you think about 'manspreading?'
  6. Should you be able to use the bathroom you identify as?
  7. I think Hillary would be a great president
  8. Is smiling sexist?
  9. is it okay to pour bleach on men 'manspreading?'
  10. Do you think you are a feminist?

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Quiz topic: Am I a feminist?