Are you "No Feminists Allowed" material?

This is an entrance exam to determine your suitability for the No Feminists Allowed blog. This test consists of 25 questions on topics ranging from politics to various social issues, that you will answer after entering in your age and gender.

Those who score poorly on this quiz will not enjoy my conservative, anti-feminist blog. I urge you to seek out blogs that would be more down your alley, for you are not welcome here if you are a feminist, homosexual, bisexual, player, cheater, dirtbag, criminal, gang-stalker, or big government advocate.

Created by: Ghost Nationalist
  1. Do you believe in God?
  2. Do you support abortion?
  3. Do you believe that feminism has been beneficial for our civilization?
  4. Are you opposed to homosexuality and bisexuality?
  5. Do you have pride in your race?
  6. Do you support the U.S. going to war for Israel?
  7. Are you opposed to the Federal Reserve?
  8. Would you fight to preserve our Constitution and Bill of Rights?
  9. Are you a gun rights advocate?
  10. Would you sacrifice your personal liberties for the illusion of security?
  11. Are you registered with the Zionist Republican Party or Marxist Democratic Party?
  12. Are you an advocate of low taxes, limited government, and personal responsibility?
  13. Are you a proponent of gang-stalking and police brutality?
  14. Are you in favor of no-fault divorce?
  15. Are you in favor of mandatory paternity testing?
  16. Have you ever cheated on any of your partners?
  17. Are you opposed to young women engaging in one-night stands?
  18. Have you ever engaged in rectal sodomy?
  19. Do you sport any tattoos?
  20. Are you repulsed by tattoos on women?
  21. Do you listen to music that promotes moral degeneracy, such as contemporary pop and rap music?
  22. Do you openly engage in unprovoked hostility towards others?
  23. Are you always considerate of others around you, especially when they are sleeping?
  24. Have you ever bullied anyone?
  25. Are you an advocate of homeschooling?

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Quiz topic: Am I "No Feminists Allowed" material?