Are you a Evil or Good person?

Do you believe in Heaven or Hell? Do you know where you are going when you die? Or dont you believe in them? Either way... Take this quiz to see if you are a Good person or Evil person... You can take this quiz seriously or as a joke but either way... the truth will come out... and its sumtimes not what you expected...

Please answer these questions as honest as possible and see what you are... Gud luck and i hope you enjoy it... Dont be shy to answer honestly... i promise that this will stay between us..hehe... now get out there and go crazy!

Created by: NemisisRevival
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would you do if someone is using Jesus'es name in vain?
  2. If someone is giving you the dirty u...
  3. Do you think that suicide is an option of getting rid of all your problems?
  4. Do you believe that Satan or Jesus will win the final battle(war)
  5. Do you think there is something like a Spiritual World?
  6. Do you care about only yourself or about other people too?
  7. Do you realy think that Jesus will save all from Evil?
  8. If you could be anything... what would that be?
  9. Which of the following band would you listin to?
  10. Would you want to go to Hell or Heaven?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Evil or Good person?