Are you good or evil?

Want to know if you're an evil person? A glorious angel? Good luck! ^.^ You're going to need it. Don't worry if you're evil, just take the test again! But if you score bad then, maybe you really are evil! And if you're a good person, don't go showing off! You're an angel for a reason! Please rate on this quiz! Thanks!^.^

Come on, clickedy-click this way! I hope you're excited about this quiz! The results are all long, detailed and are meant for you to read! Please rate on it!(five stars please!) Note: The results are not final. You subconciously answer them all right though! ^.^

Created by: Foxy
  1. If someone took your friend's lunch money, what would you do?
  2. If someone had no money to call their parents, what would you do?
  3. R.P time. You're swimming on a beach with your friends, and a few go to get ice-cream, while you and another stay back. Your friend gets into trouble in the water. Do you:
  4. Pick one:
  5. Pick an animal:
  6. Pick a mystical animal:
  7. If you won the lotto you would:
  8. Pick a word:
  9. Pick a face:
  10. Last question: If you could have any of the following:

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Quiz topic: Am I good or evil?