are you a emo , popular, or normal

this quiz is about if ure a emo a popular person or normal it dosent matter wat u get u all are beautiful inside and dont let anyone tell u any thing else

i just made this quiz up so if u didnt like it i really dont give a f--- cuz ive been listenin to haters all my life and its time to move i aint an emo but my life aint perfect

Created by: Noon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what kinda music do ya listen to
  2. what do u say your mood usually is
  3. have u ever cut
  4. how many friends do u have
  5. do u feel self concious
  6. do u think ure fat
  7. do u want to change how u look
  8. do u ever think about how terrible ure life is
  9. do u think ure kind
  10. what did u think of this quiz btw this wont affect ure result

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Quiz topic: Am I a emo , popular, or normal