Are you a dog person?

being a genius comes naturally like being in love with a dog you don't just immediately fall in love with a dog it takes time to warm up to them but don't forget about these furry little companions.

All things are beautiful and stuff yeah I'm making words up to pass finishing the quiz but all things are gorgeous when you love a dog so cherish the dog as much as you can

Created by: FlowersAndLuck

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  1. Youre dog gets hurt you
  2. (Role playing) What would you name you're dog?
  3. You're dog is very well trained and then she/he runs away what do you do?
  4. You find you're dog on the middle of the sidewalk she/he seems to have been attacked by a Rottweiler what do you do?
  5. Depending on you're answer for the last question do you want to change it?it won't change anything
  6. You get a call from the doctors/vets and they say that it costs a lot to do surgery for the dog. (Rottweiler messed him/her up really bad and got something stuck in the dog)
  7. Good news the charity worked you got enough money for the surgery but you have a choice of what you want to do with the money?
  8. You are waiting in the lobby for you're dogs surgery and you see a little girl crying with her parents what do you do?
  9. You're dogs surgery is over and you're dog will live but you overhear the parents and child that were in the lobby and they need more money for there pets surgery what do you do?
  10. You're dog is well and feeling great but you don't want you're dog to get hurt again so you?
  11. You marry a guy and have a family but you're dog is getting old so you?
  12. You're 4 kids,husband,and 5 dogs are happy and you're dog doesn't pass till you're old

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Quiz topic: Am I a dog person?