are YOU a dinosaur?

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Are you a dinosaur? Stomp and rawr! WE ARE DINOSAURS!! Hehe ^^ even mah kids are DINOSAURS!! Join da dino clan so we can controll da WORLDD hehe x3 rawr

NO BARNEY! He doesnt like dinosaurs nor he is one. DONT TRUST HIM HE EVILLLL!! Let jeff take care of him okie? Hehe okie!! :3 now les be DINOSAURS!!!!

Created by: CookieChan

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  1. Do you eat leaves or meat?
  2. RAWR?
  3. Wut is your favorite dino color? :3
  4. Four legs OR two?
  5. Hehe, its impossible for you to become a non dinosaur xD
  6. Tuna? Or spinach?
  7. Stomp stomp stomp.
  8. Kotana: ima purple DINOSAUR Cinco: ima kawaoo dino! Rawr Levi: im a t-rex!
  9. Okie, hehe baii dino
  10. Rate? DINO RATE?
  11. Comment: Rawr! Okie?

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Quiz topic: Am I a dinosaur?