The Ultimate Dinosaur Quiz

Hello, this quiz will test your knowledge of dinosaurs and see if you are a rookie or a true dinosaur expert! There are some questions that a majority of people know, but there are some who only the smartest dino experts know!

I know a lot about about dinosaurs, so I'm pretty sure that most of the information is correct. Anyways, I hope you will enjoy this quiz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Reptile2107
  1. From which group of reptiles did dinosaurs come?
  2. When did the first dinosaurs appear?
  3. What is the smallest dinosaur fossil ever found?
  4. Which dinosaur had the longest neck vertebrae?
  5. Which dinosaur defended itself against carnivorous dinosaurs by hitting them with a bone mace on its tail?
  6. Which of the following dinosaurs ran the fastest?
  7. Which carnivorous dinosaur had a large sail-like growth on its back?
  8. Which of the following dinosaurs was the most intelligent?
  9. Which dinosaur had the thickest skull?
  10. What did Liopleurodon eat?
  11. Which of the following is a dinosaur?
  12. Where is Chicxulub crater?

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