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  • Hey, my name is Bri. I'm 13 and I'm pretty sure I'm a demigod. I have ADHD and OCD(Not dyslexia I'm like Frank). I'm not really sure who my parent is because I love to sing, so Apollo maybe, but I also love to read so maybe Athena. I'm not sure! If someone could help me out that'd be great thanks :)

  • @Puppylovinggirl, I think you're a daughter of Athena. Shes wise, witty, smart, etc. I'd look into it. Such as: Can you sow/weave? Do you like olives? Do you like owls? Are you smart, smarter than most? Do you love architecture?

  • I might be a son of Athena because I think over things too much and always wants to know everything possible. I'm also a great strategist and soldier. I have never lost a game of paintball in my life. Or even got hit.

  • There are no such things as demigods! It's only a book. If you really think you're a demigod,show some insane amazing powers. No wonder no one believes you. Just because you want to be a demigod doesn't mean you are one.

  • Are you a Demigod?
    Your Result: Heck Yeah!

    78% You are daring and are perfect for a life fighting monsters and going on quests. You are outgoing and would do anything for an adventure. But sometimes, you should be a bit more careful and cautious.

    11% Um, not really

    I WANT TO BE THALIA'S SISTER!!! SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

  • If you wanna know the spell, follow this.

    With your eyes closed, imagine you are flying in the sky for the entire time you repeat the spell.

    I want to fly like a bird,
    I want to jump like a frog,
    Hear me and gain me this power,
    so mote it be.
    And that's the spell.

  • I am like 99.99% sure Im hercules. My mentor said it and i asked tarot and my pendulum and even tried a truth spell. All signs say I am. And im pissed at disney for getting my story wrong but i will stick with it cuz i love Hercules (the musical).

  • Hi my name is clover (a nickname) Im the child of Demeter and I know I am because when I was 9 I was siting in the grass and about 4 flowers grew strait from the ground and then I woke up in the ER

  • I think I'm a half-blood,son of Poseidon when I think about water I get this rush of power I'm not very close to my dad and when I'm in water I feel safe like nothing can touch me sooooo idk

  • I think I'm the demigod of Hepheastus
    I'm really good at metal work
    I see things run away from me

    I have dreams about all my teachers talking about the greek gods and lunar children

  • I'm a demigod I think I'm son of zeus I don't know all I know is if I am really mad there is a massive storm goes down I really good at swimming when I get mad it seems like a earthquake happens.

  • Hey Im Max and Im so confident that my Godly parent is Ares the God of war.

    Im so sure because some people have a short fuse but in my case u can say thats an BIG understatement because I once almost put a mate of mine in the hospital and I could have sworn I was glowing red also I have been attracted to all kinds of fighting and Im pretty good at it when I have had no training so who else could my Dad be?

  • Hi im Leon 14 years old and i took the test and the result was i am a demigod. since i read the percy jackson books i feel like i have to go to camp half blood. i have adhd and im different and when its depends on im way stronger than my classmates. and im feeling watched and i dont know my father i only know my mother. i fell i am a demigodw

    Leon P
  • Hello. I'm not here to chat or any of that. I have to know if I'm a demigod. I think I'm a daughter of Apollo since i love music, bow and arrows, and can write poems. But I'm not sure. Can someone please help me?

  • I think I'm Poseidon's son because I have a strange connection to water. And also every time I go swimming I never get tired and seem to be breathing the water sometimes.

  • ......Well, then who am I? I can never decide. Not Hades, although bad boys are hot ;). Uh, maybe posiedon, I like horses and the water, or Zeus cuz I love flying, storms, rain and the sky. Or Apollo, cuz I love to sing and write poetry.

  • I am a child of Hades. Death does not faze me. I have a large temper. I will take revenge on anyone that dares to hurt me or my friends. I would rather be alone. Someone tell me how to get to Camp Half-Blood.

    • summon the gray ladies taxi. (duh). or walk. its on the north coast of long island.

  • Email me [no emails] Please email me if you need questions about who and what you are. Please we are running low and need new demigods. This new war is taking a lot of lives.

  • I have been a demigod all my life and i didn't know until 6 years ago. I am so glad i have a sister! I got a 100 percent on on the quiz! I am a true demigod! Once I almost got killed by three monsters at once at school!

    annabeth sister
  • I think my dad is Zeus... I'm 11 and I have dyslexia and my teachers always act different around me,I sometimes here a voice inside my head telling me what to do... I need help!!!

    Daughter of Zeus
  • i know how you feel jessica i have been hunted by monsters before but noone believes me except my best freind who is also a demigod he is the son of hermes i am the son of mars(ares)and i have the traits of my father because i have quik reflexes a bad temper and a warlike attitude dont give up look for a satyr they are mostly in schools they eat anything and they walk funny when they are trying to cover their hooves i have already found my satyr good luck dauyughter of the sea god also my favorite books are the percy jackson series

  • heck yeah! every quiz i take says im a demigod and i might believe it because i see some crazy stuff and i have wayy to many miracles like i cant die yet or something im 12 now and i always feel like im being watched when im alone. also i can kinda control winds and everytime im outside theres always a breeze so i think i might be a child of jupiter (yup im roman to the core)

  • Hi. Om gamedestroyer112 i reed the ultament guide niet rock riorden And got 5 put of ten om huis quiz. Persionally i concider athena a great godess. I know my mom And Dad so would-be That count? I know ur not an expert but if you could send thuis to the percy Jackson series aouther that would-be great. Thanks. Niet: i cant spell Words right.

  • And one time there was 2 glowing stars in the corner of my eye when I was in my room by myself and soon as I look at them my mom walked in the room and they suddenly disappeared....this was weird

  • I think your crazy. The Greek gods and goddesses are, not real, Percy Jackson is fiction, and Greek gods and goddesses are a myth.


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