Are you a crossdresser?

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Crossdressing is more common than most people think. Many men have some degree of interest in the garb of the opposite sex, to look at, to feel, or to wear. How deep this interest is, and how far men act on it, varies widely.

Do YOU have crossdressing inclinations? Are you just curious or an all-out transvestite? This quiz will help you find out. For men only. Sorry, girls.

Created by: Leslie
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  1. You see a girl in a short skirt cross the street. You...
  2. What is your underwear of choice?
  3. You are alone at home and you find your girlfriend left a skirt and top in your room. You...
  4. Have you ever worn pantyhose?
  5. Your girlfriend suggests dressing you up as girl for fun. You...
  6. Have you ever dressed completely in female clothing?
  7. Do you possess any items of female clothing?
  8. Have you ever gone outside dressed as a female?
  9. Have you ever gone to a club dressed as a female?
  10. When you are in a clothing store, you...
  11. Do you think that with the proper hair, makeup and clothing, you would look female?
  12. How familiar are you with current women's fashion?
  13. Have you ever shaved your legs?
  14. Have you ever been mistaken for a female?

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Quiz topic: Am I a crossdresser?