Are you a crazy person?

This quiz is extraordinarily cool to determine if you are crazy. All these questions are very relevant because i've been recently asked a few of the questions so I just wanted to know how you guys feel about these questions

Are you crazy? Like other people say you are. This quiz will determine if you are really that crazy , if you really are than you are and extraordinary person. So always remember that

Created by: Bugsbunnylove
  1. Do you ever break out in a dance right before school?
  2. Do you ever just talk about your boobies in front of your friends? (boys and girls)
  3. Do you sing loudly in class when everyone is quiet
  4. Would you flirt with your principal if he was really cute
  5. Do alot of people call you crazy
  6. What's your fav quote you would say
  7. Do your parents call you crazy
  8. Do you stil watch Spongebob Squarepants
  9. Do you believe your crazy
  10. What rate do you think your going to get

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Quiz topic: Am I a crazy person?