How Ponybox crazy are you?

Welcome to the quiz to find out just how Ponybox crazy you are! If you don't play Ponybox, let me warn you, you'll prbably get 0% because I've got some pretty crazy questions!

Post your results on my forum post please, because I'd love to see them! Get ready for some crazy questions, as I stated above. Feel privledged if you get 75% or higher!

Created by: Twi
  1. You have your barn id memorized, but not your phone number:
  2. You wake up on Thurdays and Sundays knowing that something important is going to happen. Ah yes, foaling day!:
  3. When you go on vacation and have no internet connction, you don't enjoy yourself as much as you normally would. My pixel ponies will starve! What if there's an update? Suppose someone messages me with something important while I'm gone!:
  4. You don't play any other horse Sim games:
  5. You play all four legacy servers of Ponybox including PB3:
  6. On your schedule for the day, you include all of your Ponybox activities:
  7. You can't help but talk about Ponybox to your friends and family:
  8. You've gotten most of your friends to join Ponybox and are working on the rest:
  9. You know all about the latest events and gossip, in fact you were involved in some of them:
  10. You have over 10 pages of messages:
  11. You constantly see items on other websites:
  12. You've dreamed about Ponybox quite a few times:

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Quiz topic: How Ponybox crazy am I?