Are you a Country or City Girl???

PLEASE TAKE MY QUIZ!!!!!!!!!! :D I can promise it will be awesome ;) Pretty Please, Pretty Pretty Please. Pretty Pretty Plese with a Cherry on top :) Oh honestly what's the point in this paragraph?

Sascha Sells Seashells on the seashore- if you can say that sentnce five times very fast...... good for you. :D Lmao it's just about impossible trust me. And if thats no fun say "My dad is a banker" while holding your tounge

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. Which time is the closest to the time you wake up on a weekend/school holidays
  2. How long does it take you to get ready?
  3. Pick an Activity
  4. Pick an Activity
  5. Who would you rather be with?
  6. How big is your intrest in boys (or girls-if you're a lesbian or bisexual)
  7. Would you rather..?
  8. Would you rather..?
  9. Where would you rather go on Holiday?
  10. Will you accepy my apologies for any stereo-typicality and homophobia. I'm not actuaaly either of those it's just in case you got offended by oute :D and I needed a filler for Q12 :D

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Quiz topic: Am I a Country or City Girl???