How country are you?

Are you a city slicker or are you just straight country. Well if you got above 50% not so bad at all. I'm pretty proud of you if you got above Fifty%.

You could also just be right in the middle. Im proud if you got in the fifty's good job if you got below i would say your more city. Thank you guys for taking my test.

Created by: Austin Jones

  1. Do you do outdoor work with your spouse.
  2. How often do you take showers
  3. Do you go outside without shoes on
  4. Do you eat homegrown vegetables.
  5. What type of animals do you have
  6. Do you add the s after your words
  7. Do you, live on a farm
  8. Do you like meat
  9. Are you scared to get dirty
  10. Do you meet woman's needs when they have them

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Quiz topic: How country am I?