Are you a collectivist or an individualist?

Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Rather, how much weight should be placed onto those few words of 'wisdom'? Is that stance itself a moral one?

Are you a collectivist or an individualist? Do you favor the interests of the individual or that of the collective group? Whose rights or interests trump the other?

Created by: The Momo

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  1. Should speech ever be censored in any way shape or form under any circumstance?
  2. Is immigration a right or privilege?
  3. Does the state have a right to perform mass surveillance of its own citizenry?
  4. Is there a place for political dissonance in your nation?
  5. Should all religious beliefs without exception be allowed to be expressed or evangelized?
  6. Should the state allocate more resources towards aiding the poor and veterans?
  7. Should higher education be provided by the state?
  8. Should healthcare be provided by the state?
  9. Which ideology do you consider to be *closest* to your own beliefs?
  10. Are the lives of those outside of your nation, faith and or race worth as much as that of your own kind?

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Quiz topic: Am I a collectivist or an individualist?