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  • i got coke but i HATE coke and LOVE pepsi

    converse41 Oct 16 '08, 5:01PM
  • pepsi suks great job

    that person Nov 29 '07, 6:50PM
  • guess it's not that big-a deal all it is, is some one who made up a quiz about what they thought pepsi and coke would be if they were human. it's there pestpective not the scientificly true versioun theres no need to get all excited

    dizzy Nov 28 '07, 6:46AM
  • daz so rite i m a coke an good thing i love coke wayyy beta then pepsi ewww pepsi . . .

    ghettoXvida Nov 27 '07, 6:06PM
  • i hate pepsi and coke i love md!

    ashley89 Nov 27 '07, 9:51AM
  • eww pepsi's better
    i hate coke

    12cwatki Nov 27 '07, 6:57AM
  • i thought that it was o.k.

    dizzy Nov 26 '07, 4:40AM
  • Ew. I Hate Coke.

    dolphin07 Nov 25 '07, 9:43PM

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