are you a clean freak quiz

there are clean freaks, normal people and utterly gross people. gross people will probably have not taken a shower since ........... where clean freaks would take a shower about twice a day!

are YOU a clean freak? or a messy freak? or just normal? well take this quiz and see which you are!(please note: if you get clean freak, then don't come NEAR me!

Created by: amazing quizmaker

  1. how often do you shower
  2. an unexpected visitor knocks on the door, you:
  3. you're eating a sandwich, and you spill your drink. you:
  4. you get dirt under your nails. you:
  5. you are writing on a whiteboard, and you accidentely erased part of the writing with your hand. you:
  6. do you pick your nose?
  7. there is a pile of dirty plates in the kitchen. you:
  8. this is my first quiz. what do you rate it (has no effect on answer) 5 being epic,1 being awful
  9. will you rate or comment? (also has no effect on answer)
  10. bye!

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