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  • Thank you! It was a wonderful quiz.But mere quiz taking will not make you a Christian. I have read the comments above and I thought- please there is still time .You may think satan is helping you but he is actually deceiving you.I have read countless amount of testimonies of criminals and how they came to know jesus. Please repent .Jesus loves you.What will you feel if your closest buddy rejects you .Won't you feel bad.? Please resist the devil .Don't be destroyed. Come back to the Lord, don't be ashamed of him .The angels rejoice over one sinner who repents .Won't you be the first one? God cannot force you to change,from the creation itself God gave man a choice. Accept him and be saved or reject him and be destroyed forever.....Please don't believe what satan tells you .I have had such experiences and I learned from them .Tell Jesus you want to come back.Tell jesus you love him.He is waiting to hear that .. so what is your choice?

    Sweet jesus
  • You are 63% christian!

    You may have given your life to Jesus, but have backslid.Backslidin g meens that you have gone back to your sins that Jesus saved you from.You should really examine your relationship with the Lord. Be honest with yourself, because the only person your hurting if your not honest is yourself. Remember you have an advocate with the father and that advocate is Jesus. It's never to late to start again

    :( *shame* i know this is totally me. and its kindof funny considering my name... sigh :(

    Christs Child
  • I got 34% christian today when my mom and sister went into a store I was in the car alone and I decided to pray so I did I asked for forgiveness I asked for my friends to be helped I asked for ppl I have met to be help I prayed for almost everything I could think of if you haven't called upon the name of the Lord then u will go to hell ask for forgiveness ask for you to be save do it right now because we are not promise another tomorrow

  • You really should consider changing your ways before you do have to meet the Lord. If you died today there would be a hot fiery furnace awaiting you. A good place to start is with repentance. Get a bible and start learning how to have a relationship with the Lord before it is to late. I will be praying for you

    Answer: pray for me and I dance naked in the forest for you

  • I believe in God so I can pray if I need to and he'll listen. I do not believe in the bs bible stories or the crap Catholics say like shun gays, atheists and anyone who is different from us. No. I'll stick with praying when I need to.

  • You are 90% christian!

    Sounds like you are one your way to Heaven. You are either a new babe in the Lord or you have been living for the Lord for quite some time now. Keep up that relationship and I will see you in heaven! If you want more information and don't know who to turn to or were to go try this web site. [no urls]

    yaaaaa y i will always love god and jesus! i may sin but i am sorry cause im not perfect but jesus is and im sure god is to! love you both very much!

    great quiz! VERY GREAT QUIZ!!! :D ill rate ************ 10 STARS!!!!! I WOULD RATE AMILLION!

    hopefu ly noroka will hopully learn to love the lord!

  • Yeah god obviously exists and is not some fairy tale some people took seriously. Come on. I like the bible as a book. As fiction. Not something to live by.

  • Bless you shellyfoley you are so right God loves all and cares for all, will do for all upon the asking. Amen!

  • Shellyfolly, you're a moron.

  • God says in his word "The fool hath said in his heart there is no god".

  • I'm 0% Christian, YAY! I'm not a stupid spineless creationist!!!

    Jesse Rodriguez
    • Just stop thats kinda rude to people who are Christians

  • . cries . so sweet goo goo goo ah ah ah

  • 0%

    Said it once and I will say it again, HAIL SATAN!

    • sometimes I wonder if Jesus wants to f--- me like he said on AIM in 08


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