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  • Got 47%, pondering, reality and assessment outcomes are big parts in Chinese-version education, as I know

    Fairytalea Jun 5 '16, 11:43AM
  • Yeah 31% lol

    theRT Jan 22 '13, 3:18AM
  • 47% lol

    AlexTheCat Jan 4 '13, 2:40PM
  • i got 37

    kitothecool Jul 13 '12, 12:29AM
  • You are 27% Chinese student.

    You have a balanced view on reality and dreams. As long as one strikes, there will always be a reward.


    Mysterious Fox Jun 2 '12, 4:50PM
  • i'm a chinese student
    i scored 29%.
    this quiz blows balls

    bada May 4 '12, 9:35PM
  • I got 19% and I hated this quiz and every quiz on gotoquiz besides my quizzes :)

    yeahbuddy Apr 23 '12, 5:54PM
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    Olive Apr 14 '12, 10:34AM
  • hey im not a chinese student!!! i dont even have a chinese person in my family! anyway good questions you should take min its called i can guess your future! its really good!!!

    Matt Graham 33 Apr 11 '12, 1:34AM
  • Awesome Quiz!
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    cooldiggy1995 Apr 9 '12, 10:44AM
  • For you, schooling is mandatory more than progressive. Life could be in various forms after educations. Dreams will lead the way.

    very true...

    Jack Attack 1995 Apr 8 '12, 11:23AM
  • no i.m indian and bangladeshi mixed instead

    hiyabrahma Apr 8 '12, 7:13AM
  • Don know what to think about 47%

    CrystalHere Apr 1 '12, 9:28PM
  • Hello my name is lily I'm 16 and I'm dead I was a girl who was murderd. You may be next if you don't send this to 8 quises by mid night Gwen sent it to 6 and wound up in a volcano

    bluestat Mar 22 '12, 9:09PM
  • Ohhhhhhkay?

    AllHailLelouch Mar 10 '12, 6:25AM
  • I loved your quiz!
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    cooldiggy1995 Mar 9 '12, 4:42AM
  • 16% and I am the smartest n my school but I'm not Chinese ( someone gave me 50 to do their homework.... In Australia that would be one hundred dollars

    Gemi0203 Feb 22 '12, 2:38AM
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    flyer586 Feb 20 '12, 10:04PM
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    flyer586 Feb 20 '12, 10:02PM
  • 41%I am a Chinese student and still stayed in China.The quiz is a little interesting

    KevinL Feb 19 '12, 3:02AM
  • I hate this quiz, ' have you lost your virginity' how rude!!!!

    Charliejade Feb 18 '12, 11:52AM
  • 29% is actually a little bit true. My mom's grandmother was Chinese!

    ItalianUnicorn Feb 15 '12, 11:42PM

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