Are you lazy or energetic?

Some people are very enthusiastic and energetic, while others are to lazy to do anything. Most people just don't want to move around. They just want to relax, while others love to burn of energy.

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Created by: Aby47

  1. What do you usually do Sunday afternoons
  2. When having gym class/P.E/P.T, do you avoid doing anything that might make you tired?
  3. Do you consider yourself lazy?
  4. Do you consider yourself to be energetic?
  5. When bathing, do you take long?
  6. Do your friends/family members consider your lazy?
  7. Do your friends/family members consider your energetic?
  8. Are you ok with being lazy?
  9. Are you ok with being energetic?
  10. Rate?
  11. Comment

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Quiz topic: Am I lazy or energetic?