Are you a Casanova?

Hello and welcome to my CASANOVA TEST. This test helps determine if you are really a true Casanova of the ages. I was inspired by Fellini's film about Giacomo Casanova. Real sad in the end as most casanovas find out but his life was fun without a doubt. So if you are male, last time you checked, and think you got the stuff to pass this test, let's see what your made of...

Oh girls are welcomed to take the test. I bet they will be surprized to find out how they think and how they feel will be quite different. Let's start easy...Did you get laid last night? If so, then you are a casanova or got laid but have no idea how. If you have no idea how, then continue on.

Created by: Zatoichi
  1. What is your age?
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  1. do you date
  2. test 3
  3. test4
  4. test
  5. test
  6. test6
  7. test7
  8. test8
  9. test
  10. test

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Quiz topic: Am I a Casanova?