What kind of Romantic person are you?

So you think you know romance. OR girls test your boyfreinds! This is a cool as quizz that will help you deermine you or your romantic loves personality! cOME ON THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!

What kind of Romantic Personality are you? MR Casanova? Or A loner or a Classically handsome? Or just a blonde dreaaaaaaamboat! FInd out in this incredible quiz: Good Luck!

Created by: hannah

  1. You are at a party and see a hot girl/boy. You:
  2. Your dream girl would be:
  3. Your dream babe walks up to you. You say
  4. You are:
  5. What do you look for in a girl?
  6. How many girl freinds have you had?
  7. You're favourite isecream flavour is
  8. You're fave date would be
  9. Peopla would describe you as:
  10. Whoz your fave singer out of
  11. Will you answer no to this question
  12. Hi

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Quiz topic: What kind of Romantic person am I?