Are You a Boyfriend Material? (Middleschool-Highschool)

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Hi! First, thank you so much for taking this quiz, I really appreciate you! This isn't professional or anything, but it will give you at least a good idea on where to start.

Anyway, this quiz WILL NOT judge you on height or beauty! Just basic stuff that is fixable, such as grades, weight, and confidence. ONWARD WITH THE TESTING ->

Created by: Sarah

  1. How close are you with your family?
  2. Do you have sisters/do you kinda understand how girls think?
  3. Scenario: An unattractive girl tells you she likes you. What is your response?
  4. Have you ever sexually harassed a girl? (I know, I know... sorry)
  5. Ugh, time for physical stuff :( --- Are you overweight/fat? (Check your BMI if unsure)
  6. Do you exercise at least twice a week? (Excluding PE)
  7. Scenario: Your best friend tells you they have harassed their significant other. What do you do/say?
  8. Do you love yourself? (Are you confident?)
  9. Have you answered all of the questions honestly. and not just to better your score?
  10. Do you maintain at least a B- average in academics?
  11. Do you play sports?
  12. Do a lot of people know you at school? Are you able to float around from different groups? Is there at least one person in every class you can talk to?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Boyfriend Material? (Middleschool-Highschool)