Are You A Bookworm?

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This is a quiz that will tell you how much of a bookworm you are. I really like reading and I hope you guys do too. Reading is awesome if you find the right book.

In a few minutes,you will find out how much of a bookworm you REALLY are. I hope you guys have fun taking this quiz! Its kind of cheesy but who dosent like cheese?

Created by: Zane Is Here

  1. Do you like to read?
  2. Do you read in your spare time?
  3. Do you hate to read?
  4. Do you read more than an hour a day?
  5. Do you think reading is fun?
  6. Do you read alot?
  7. Do you read chapter books?
  8. Is reading your life?
  9. Do you read at all?
  10. Did you like this quiz?
  11. Thanks. Bye

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Quiz topic: Am I A Bookworm?