Are You A Bookworm?

A bookworm loves books. Adores them. Lives by them. You will see their nose in a book fifty percent of the day. You may be one of this endangered,dying race!

I hope you are a bookworm. But I don't know. Maybe you don't know. But this quiz does. It just takes five minute. Are you a bookworm? Find out here now!!

Created by: SOso
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you like to read?
  2. How Often Do You Read?
  3. When Do You Like To Read?
  4. What Is Your Favorite School Subject?
  5. How Do You Feel Getting S Book As A present?
  6. What Is Your Favorite Website?
  7. What Do You Do In Your Spare Time?
  8. Where Do You Get Your Books?
  9. When You See a book store you...
  10. Why Did You Take This Quiz?
  11. How Did You Find This Quiz

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Quiz topic: Am I A Bookworm?