Are You a Beatles Fan?

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The Beatles are a band from Liverpool, England known as one of the most influential bands of the century. Many of their songs were experimental, and many of these experiments were complete successes. So congratulations to John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison.

With that in mind, how much do you really know about the Beatles? Can you truly call yourself a Beatles fan, or do you only listen to their top hit? Find out in this quiz.

Created by: Daisy

  1. Who is lonely?
  2. We all live in a...
  3. How will she ride?
  4. You say why, and I say I don't know
  5. Pick one.
  6. Love
  7. We need that ____, not the glory of Number One.
  8. Ringo played the...
  9. America is like Britain, only with...
  10. Who shouldn't make it bad?
  11. Which street shoud we go down?
  12. Hardback or paperback?

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