are you a beast ?

look evey one has a beast. youve got let it out. or figure out how much you have in you. this quiz will help you know if youve got a beast or are beast at all.

are you beast enough to take this quiz yo ? do you think youve got the beastily brain tha gets people by every day in life. gota be smart dangerouse an feared by all.

Created by: DARK PRINCE
  1. do you play sports
  2. do you play violent games
  3. do you like swords
  4. do you back down from fight
  5. do people fear you
  6. you ever shot a gun
  7. would you fight me ? im 5'8 pact with musle , an arms thatl cush skulls with ease and some of strongest legs ul ever see. an have been trained to take people out since i was 2.
  8. ever been ina fight
  9. you ever done something and went to jail
  10. you ever fought your dad

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Quiz topic: Am I a beast ?