Are you a baby who needs to wear diapers?

Do you think you need diapers (like the kind that babies wear)? Well if that question is on your mind, take this quiz (that is if you aren’t too embarrassed to take it).

*it is not recommended to take this quiz unless you are doing so for fun. Do not take the results seriously. I only recommend this quiz if it’s what you are specifically searching for and just for fun

Created by: BabieRachie

  1. You wake up in the morning, is your bed wet?
  2. Who picks out your clothes in the morning?
  3. What kind of clothes are in your drawers
  4. Lunch time! What are you eating?
  5. Speaking of lunch, who’s feeding you?
  6. Do you play games while you eat?
  7. You get up from your lunch, your stomach hurts a bit but it stops suddenly. What activity do you want to do after lunch?
  8. You finish up your post lunch activity when *insert person you live with* asks you a question. Do you smell that?
  9. Your both decide to investigate the smell, where do you look?
  10. You’ve regrouped and deduced that the smell came from your room. But where??
  11. Wait.... your roommate sniffs the air again and asks you to turn around...... “Oh my god! Did you poop yourself?!?!?!”
  12. OMG YOU TOTALLY DID POOP YOUR PANTS! OMG I don’t know how i feel about living with a baby that poops their pants
  13. When did you poop?
  14. You get changed into new clothes when your roommate decides to give you a second chance. The painful embarrassed feeling in your stomach is gone now and you feel lighter. What is your plan now?
  15. Your roommate enters the room and sniffs the air. They then frown and ask you if you smell something?
  16. You are asked to stand up and face away from your roommate. You do so and you feel your underwear being peeled away from your skin. Your roommate asks you if you pooped again
  17. Your roommate sighs and tells you that it is now in the house rules that you must be diapered at all times
  18. Your roommate undressed your and puts you into a big fluffy diaper.
  19. Awwwww does baby like their diaper?

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Quiz topic: Am I a baby who needs to wear diapers?

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