are you 100% awesome?

ok do you think your uncool? well you should totally take this quiz! you could be the cool kid of my world and maybe everyone! you could be amazing! or you could be lame

so are you lame or are you cool! please also rate and comment on my quiz! you shall like it if you like random stuff. and if your already awesome, take it to be even more cool!

Created by: vampirepr1ncess
  1. ok the awesomeness is my opinion so please don't be offended and please comment. anyway are you dumb?
  2. do you like minecraft?
  3. if you got a chance to go on a free holiday what would you do?
  4. if someone really liked you but you don't like the back what would you do?
  5. if you were invited to the most popular kids in schools party what would you do? (for unpopular people)
  6. do you like MINIONS from dispecible me?
  7. cake
  8. sorry cant think of anything
  9. if you found $10 at school (if your not in school anymore just think of when u were)would you return it or keep it?
  10. ok final question. is drinking and smoking cool?

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Quiz topic: Am I 100% awesome?