How Are You AWESOME?

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Most people are awesome (some are not :l) but if you ARE awesome, let's find out what type of awesome/how awesome you REALLY are! This quiz is meant for

both genders, and of all ages! BTW this is my first quiz so I hope you like it! :)) In the future you will see me doing lots of stories and how well you know stuff quizzes. IDEK! GOAT CHEESE!!

Created by: Mealica Treason
  1. Hello lovetrees! :D (That's what I call chu!) My name is Mealica (MA-LEE-SEE-UH) and this is my FIRST ever GoToQuiz quiz!! I'm mostly doing this so that I can get my profile picture and hopefully a few supporters!!! You can find out more in my forum, but let me classify one thing: I am VERY VERY WEIRD! But tat's meh!! BTW I'm British! Anyways- let's get started! Say, "GOAT CHEESE!!"
  2. It's Saturday and you have nothing to do. It's rather warm outside, but you feel like doing absolutely NOTHING! You turn on the TV to watch your favorite show, ___________________. Suddenly, there's a knock on your door, and you grunt, not wanting to get up from your bed. After 5 knocks, you force yourself to get up. You wobble over to the door and peek through the peephole, and you find a UPS guy with a package and a clipboard outside your door. You think:
  3. You open the door and the UPS guy says very perkily, "Ello! Package for _________ _____________!" "That's me." You say, sort of happy. "Please sign here." The man hands you a clipboard with a pen attached to a string. You scribble your name and the UPS man lifts up the package, struggling, and puts it down on the floor. "Have a nice day!" The UPS man leaves, as you grab a pair of scissors.
  4. You rip open the package and find a large metal box inside, you barley can lift it out, but once you do, you notice there's a small hole on the very top. You hear a small BEEP from it, and you jump in surprise. You look inside the hole and you see a big red cube. You put your finger in the hole and touch the cube, and suddenly the metal box opens magically! The red cube has a slick surface, and you pick it up and it's very light. You shake it hesitantly, and it turns blue, then green, then purple, then yellow. Then, it converts into a ball about the size of a child fist. It changes color rapidly!
  5. Okay now for basic questions- What are your friends like?
  6. You are given $20, what do you do with it?
  7. What is your favorite hobby out of these? (BE HONEST!)
  8. What is your favorite food out of these?
  9. What award would you most likely win at the end of the school year?
  10. Last question- what is your favorite music genre out of these? Good day, palm trees! :3

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