Are We Alike?

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GIRLS ONLY!! k? :) take my quiz to see if we are alike or not! so many ppl in the world but who's your twin? :P cheesy i know >.> my first quiz so plz no hate comments :3

Are YOU a banana? Do you have the bananapower to qualify for that prestigious banana title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out! :D

Created by: ilikecandey

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  1. no effect above c: just letting you know
  2. fav color? :D
  3. hair color?
  4. eye color?
  5. fav sport?
  6. fav hairstyle?
  7. fav subject?
  8. pick one that describes you
  9. fav type of song?
  10. fav catch phrase out of these
  11. how do you say bye?
  12. fav pet?
  13. do u have a phone?
  14. fav flower? out of these (you may wanna look some up)
  15. done!comment & rate? (:

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