Are u smarter then a 10 year old girl?

There are many people older then 10 but are u SMATEr then a 10 year old girl?well are you? TAke this quiz and see if your smarter then me!HAve fun and try your best!

are YOu smarter then a YEAR OLD GIRL? well ARE you? HAVe u ever thought of it?well thanks to this quiz u can find out! in a few easy minutes u can find out so have fun!

Created by: Megan
  1. Whats 6 multiplied by 6?
  2. How long do u learn to write a story (expositive or narritive) in fourth grade if u are 10 in this centerury?
  3. WHta is some thing u learn about minereals in scince wen ur in fourth grade?
  4. whats is 10 multiplied by 12?
  5. whats 36 divided by 6?
  6. how do u do the caramel dansen?
  7. Which state borders The gulf of mexico?
  8. pik the correct grammer
  9. what is a pickle?
  10. almost done! how did u like this quiz?

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