How much do you know aladdin?

Nobody can get pass this test without failing. I challenge YOU to witness the falling of the gods from the heavens apon earth to see this enraging battle that will take place.. May I ask, Do YOU DARE? We will see soon enough.

Do you have the brain power to remember all of what has happened in the disney movie aladdin? Are you smarter than a 7 year old little girl? I think not. She may know more than you, let us find out the truth for once and all.

Created by: amazon
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  1. What is Aladdin's name when he is transformed into royalty?
  2. What does Jasmine have as a pet?
  3. What is Jasmines pets' name?
  4. Abu is really a?
  5. The cave of?
  6. Jafar wants the magic...?
  7. jasmine is a
  8. the sulten is kinda like a?
  9. genie is the color?
  10. Jafar is the..?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know aladdin?