are u popular or a nerd?

there are beautiful people who are considered the popular people. and there are the straight a students who stdy there butt off who are called the geeks. what is popular? popular is something tha catces ur eye, something tha is high in fashion and grabs alot of attention. celebs are a great example of popularity. and wha is geek? geek is something not so cool or not so popular. for example kids who watch history channels, don' dress the highest in fashion, join the chess club, or get straight a's in their report card are considered geeks. for example, harry potter or blue vests wit tan pants are considered geeky or unnoticed.

are u popular or a nerd. do u study and get good grades or shop at the mall to get the latest fashions? only time can tell. with takin this quiz u'll find out if u belong to the beautiful people or belong to the chess club. take the quiz to find out!

Created by: kari

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  1. today's the 1st day of school what do u wear?
  2. u have a huge geometry test tomorrow! wha do u do when u get home?
  3. u go 2 da mall wit ur friends. wha do u buy?
  4. a girl in ur art class is havin a pool party this saturday. are u goin 2 go?
  5. quick! who's the 1st president of the united states?
  6. the prom is comin! are u going 2 go?
  7. what do u do as ur hobby?
  8. wha is ur pet-peeve? ( wha don' u like or think is annoyin)
  9. wha movie would u watch?
  10. for girls: what is ur fav insect? for guys: wha celeb girl would u date?
  11. last question! wha answer are u hopin 2 get?

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