are u obbesed with cats -i am-

people wonder even thoug they like cats why would they think there were mor ethen just loving cats i meanmaybe theyy love them mor ethen like them maybe they are obbesed

take this quiz to see if they were obbesed with cats juts ike me afte rhtis quiz u will find out if u liked them more or oved them more or dont like them poeple who dont like them this is not a good quiz

Created by: queenashleycat

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. the last questions dont count
  2. do u like cats if nt leave cause u wont be obbesed if u dont like them dahhh
  3. why d u like em
  4. do u like there flappy lilttle ears -fan girl scream-
  5. kittens or cats
  6. would do care for a cat
  7. what type of cats
  8. whats the fav color -pls not black--is me-
  9. u kne wthis was coing pick a color your fav color k
  10. bye

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