do u like cats?

Lots of people think cat people are crazy, but I am a cat person and adore any type of cat. I respect cat lover's and heaters. I may not agree with the heaters, but I can respect them.

In this quiz we will test your true kindness and loving for cats. If you do not like cats I would suggest taking a different quiz. Are you an absoulute cat lover? You will find out I just a few seconds.

Created by: Cecelia
  1. Do u have any pets?
  2. Is one of the animals a cat?
  3. If u had the option to go to any website which would u choose?
  4. Which of the following cat names do u like?
  5. If u could have any of the following wild pets which would u choose?
  6. R u bored?
  7. If u saw an injured cat, wat would u do?
  8. Ur cat runs out of cat food and its starving,but the store is 5 miles away. What do u do?
  9. When a ur cat dies wat do u do?
  10. Did u like this quiz?

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