How much do you know about cats?

cat is a very cute and adorable creature in world some people do not even realize that they do not know about cats are you one of those people who never realize or you have knowledge about cats?

so how much do you know about those cute cats? are you aware of the knowledge of cats or not? come on take this quiz and find out by this great quiz. lets get started

Created by: maham fatima

  1. How do cats respire?
  2. Male cats used to be call?
  3. What is group of kitten?
  4. Can cats taste sweetness?
  5. How many vertebrae do cats have?
  6. How much is lifespan of a common cat?
  7. which breed of cat have 80 different colours of furs?
  8. it is one of the first five breed?
  9. cats like milk at any age
  10. please comment?
  11. please rate?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cats?