How well do you know cats?

How many facts do you know about cats? I chose thus quiz because cats are popular! Now, move on ahead and show me how much you know about thus wonderful

Creature. I hope you have fun! Also, no cheating. I say that because you can look it up but that's not right. Anyways, I must go now! See you on the other side :3

Created by: KaitTheCat

  1. Is it true that cats have 9 lives?
  2. Can cats get cancer? If so what is it called?
  3. Do cats always land on their feet, no matter what?
  4. What is a cat?
  5. How many types of house cats are there?
  6. What's the common color of a cat?
  7. In the U.S. alone, how many pet cats are there?
  8. Comment?
  9. Rate?
  10. Bye

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Quiz topic: How well do I know cats?