are u HOTT or NOTT

My qiz is just a quiz. You can take if you. Eever. Look in the mirror and say to yourself an i hott or nott well u took it and found out.

Also dont ta ke it. Persoonallyy if i said some. Mean stuff i was just jking unless its a result then its so so so so so sotrue.

Created by: stephanie

  1. How many people have actually called u hott
  2. How big do u think your butt is
  3. Describe yourself
  4. what print do u think is better
  5. Wat did u think of the last question
  6. Do u think beauty is on the
  7. Are u going out with somewone
  8. Wat do u think of ur body
  9. Hmm
  10. True or false youve had more than un bf

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